Emminent Facts About The Benefits of hCG and Weight Loss


hcg diet planObesity is one of the primary factors that later on give rise to several health complications including coronary heart disease (chd), high blood pressure, cerebral strokes, diabetes etc. Over the years people have tried to overcome the weight gain levels but most of the weight loss programs provide no or insignificant results.

Therefore it is essential to follow an effective plan that provides long term results without health risks or side effects. The HCG diet planis one of the most beneficial programs adopted by millions of people worldwide as it is based on the basic considerations of body functioning to avoid complications of any sort. Here are some vital things that you should know about the plan before starting with it.

What is HCG Diet Plan?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced in the body of a woman during the pregnancy period for the purpose of fat storage and to some extent in the pituitary gland of men. Dieticians today are very optimistic about its effectiveness in reducing body fat in women who are not pregnant. The HCG has now been introduced in the market in the form of drops and injections. Taking these regularly along with the recommended diet chart will help to reduce the severe obesity levels within a short span of time.

Preparation of the HCG Drops and Injections

The HCG diet medicines are synthetic in nature and prepared in the laboratory using sterile cells. No human or animal extracts are used in the process anywhere.

Which HCG Plan is more effective Drops or Injections?

hcg drops vs injections

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Using an injection regularly is a matter of many expenses, pain and requires some practitioner to transfer them to the user regularly.

This can be hard, if brought to practice. The HCG drops can be taken at home regularly by the person as per the prescribed routine. The drops are more affordable, easy to use and completely safe providing excellent results.


Do I need the doctor’s advice before taking HCG Diet?

Yes, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out if you have any medical complications that poses a hindrance to taking these drops.

Who are not fit for taking the HCG Diet?

People with cardiac diseases, women under the treatment for ovarian cyst, pregnant women, Diabetes type 1, cancer, kidney problems and gall bladder should not take the HCG diet.

How do I measure the calorie intake?

A weight loss tracker is provided with the HCG diet plan to measure the calorie intake per day.

What weight loss results can I expect?

The average result for men is 1 to 11/2 pounds a day and in case of women there is about 1 pound of weight loss per day. However these results may vary from person to person.

What is the duration of the diet course?

The duration depends on the amount of fat you need to lose. At a time you can continue the drops for 6 weeks. If you need to lose further weight then you should try it after an interval of 3 weeks.

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