HCG Diet Phase 2: The Weight Loss Phase


The two day ‘loading phase’ is over and Phase 2 of the HCG Diet begins.  This is the weight loss phase, where rapid face loss steadily occurs. The hormone should now start working and so will you!  It’s time to start your regimented menu according to your personalized food list and your calculated calorie and protein intake.

A complete and thorough overview of Phase 2 is available on this page; scroll down or peruse the FAQ section for quick reference to Phase 2 help topics.

Questions About HCG Diet Phase 2

Foods and Eating on HCG Diet Phase 2

Mixing HCG on the HCG Diet

About HCG Diet Rounds

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Questions About Phase 2 Stalls & Plateaus

Questions About Cheating on the HCG Diet Phase 2

Questions about HCG Diet Side Effects and Dangers

Phase 2 Overview:  The Principle Behind Phase 2 of the HCG Diet Plan

The reasonable approach is to adjust the diet to the individual needs and conditions of the patient. For example, a small framed sedentary woman will need less protein and fewer calories than a big man with a physical job. An appropriate intake will prevent muscle breakdown.

In contrast with Dr. Simeon’s Protocol, Dr. Emma’s Plan does not require the use of 500 calorie diet. Her method is based on diets ranging from 500 calories to 1000 calories, sometimes higher. Dr Emma also designed a series of templates combining different calorie ranges for patients to use as reference and customize. She believes that the diet has to suit the patient enough to actually stick to it long term. It was found though, that some patients not only found 500 calories sufficient but actually had to be encouraged to eat more.  But what should your diet look like?

No fats – this rule is simply due to the fact that fat is very calorie dense and will deprive you of your daily calorie allowance quicker than you think. You can use very small amounts but is it worth using over 100 calories of yor allowance for just a tablespoon of oil?

Adequate protein – it is extremely important in order to avoid muscle wasting. According to Dr. Emma’s Protocol dieters should ingest at least one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.

What kind of protein should you invest in? For the reasons listed above watch out for those with added fat and choose lean options such as white fish and chicken.  Dairy should be fat free and include options such

as plain fat-free yogurt or fat-free cottage cheese.  Nuts are also not recommended due to a super – high fat and calorie content.

Vegetables and Fruits – the vitamins, minerals and fiber they provide are essential to good health and wellbeing. Consume your veggies with protein as a meal or separately as a snack.

Small carb allowance – Depending on the patient’s needs and judgment, limited carbs such as rice cakes or breadsticks are allowed. Avoid them if you feel they will sabotage your progress.

Drinks – you can drink black tea, coffee, diet soda (1/day) and most of all WATER!!! Remember to stay hydrated at all times as it is necessary to keep your metabolism going.

Under no circumstances should you drink alcohol, juices or regular soda.

The Timeframe

Even though Dr. Simeons claims that the use of HCG past 6 weeks may be pointless as people become immune to it, people develop immunity to

HCG and cannot continue beyond 6 weeks, Dr. Emma claims the contrary. She believes that at the 4 week mark patients start to see significant changes in their body composition and gain true momentum. She saw amazing results at 8 weeks and recommends using it as long as necessary.

The Result

Many dieters report a loss of 1-2 pounds a day which is impressive! But what if you stall? Here are a few tips to overcome a plateau.

  • Be honest with yourself – have you followed the diet conscientiously? If there are any improvements you can make, now is the time!
  • Drinking too much or not enough water can cause retention and seem like you’re not losing.
  • If you drank alcohol – don’t do it again!
  • If you exercised – good! Muscle gain can seem like a weight gain.

Remember that the slimmer you get the loss may seem slower or more stubborn, but stay consistent and try to monitor your body fat loss not just the weight. You will soon begin to see results again!

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