What is HCG Diet Protocol



The HCG Diet Protocol is the diet chart prepared by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons that provides optimum benefits to the obese people taking the HCG drops or injections.

What should be my diet pattern for taking the HCG drops?

hcg protocol

For maximum results in the weight loss program it is essential to follow the chart provided by the Dr. Simeons who developed the entire concept for the treatment of extreme obesity levels. TheOriginal HCG Diet Protocol of 500 Calories per day intake as recommended by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons is as follows:

  • Morning: Only beverages like coffee or tea is allowed as most others such as soft drinks have high sugar contents. There is no limitation on the quantity of coffee and tea with the only rule to avoid natural sugar and milk. Artificial sweeteners can be used if required.
  • Afternoon: The lunch is divided in four parts-veg, non veg, fruits and carbs.
  • Vegetables: You can take any one from the range with low starch contents. For instance, if you are taking beets then avoid the red ones. Only the green beet is allowed. You can try green vegetables including cabbages, fat free salad preparations, onions, tomatoes etc.
  • Non Veg for Proteins: Take the weight of the fish or chicken in the raw state and it should not exceed 100 gm. Always ensure to remove the extra fat from the meat or fishes. Do not cook with too much of oil or butter. The food has to be grilled or steam cooked with no or very little oil. Fish high in fat content such as Salmon, tuna, eel etc. are not allowed. Remove the chicken breasts before the preparations.
  • Carbohydrate: Take a piece of Melba toast or Italian Grissini.
  • Fruits: You can take one entire fruit such as a mid size apple, grapefruit etc. A small bowl of strawberries or grapes can also be added to the chart.
  • Night: The dinner routine is the same as that for the lunch.

Can I add any spices or ingredients to the food preparations?

Yes. Lemon juice, cooking herbs, salt, vinegar, pepper or similar other spices can be added to the food preparations. However food rich in fat contents and oils cannot be included in the diet.

Are there any special instructions for the HCG diet or drops?

Yes. Women must stop taking the HCG drops and injections during their menstruation periods. There is no need to stop the diet routines.

Are Physical Exercises Necessary for HCG Weight Loss Program?

No. The program does not require any daily routine of exercises or workouts to produce the results. However there is no need to quit the schedules of exercises if you are already practicing one.

There are loads of recipes for HCG diet on the internet. Can I follow them?

Yes. You can add some yummy recipes to your diet as long as they have the ingredients recommended by the Dr. Simeons. However prepared foods with preservatives, pickles with oil and fat are not allowed.

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