Benefits of adding some stretching exercises to your daily routine!

Involving some stretching exercises in your daily workout routine is a great idea. It helps to make your body much flexible and you won’t experience any pains in your body ever. Stretching is one of the best appetizers to your workout routine. The actual benefits of the stretching exercises can be seen when you face any serious injury or wounds in your body. The intensity of the pain caused by any injury will be relatively less. All you need to do is take 10-15 minutes extra before and after your normal workout routine and you can devote this time to some stretching exercises.

It is important to make your muscles and your overall body extremely flexible and fit. Once you start doing some stretching exercises, you will realize that your muscles are not so tight anymore and also you will feel more fresh and fit. It is necessary that you realize that performing stretching exercises won’t burn many calories but it must not be ignored at all. Being flexible is more important as it will allow your muscles and joints to move in full motion without any pain or discomfort.

Before you start your stretching exercises, it is necessary that you ensure certain things. You must make sure that your body is warm. If your body is cold and if you stretch your cold muscles, it can lead to discomfort and even injury. Before starting with stretching exercises, go for jogging or walking or maybe run some miles. It will make your body warm and you are good to go. Also, holding your breathe while you are stretching out is not at all advisable. You must have sufficient oxygen while you are stretching out your body.

One of the best stretching exercises is the triceps stretch. All you need to do is kneel down with your feet hip-width apart. You need to stretch your arms and raise them and then place your right arm at the back of your shoulder and it must be close to your spine. Then out the left hand on your right elbow in order to hold the position and feel the stretch. You need to pull the tight elbow down and close to your head. This must be continued till 2 minutes and then switch your arms and repeat the same.

When you are performing this stretching exercise, make sure that you don’t bounce or jerk. If you do so, it can cause your muscles to pull and hence it can lead to enormous muscular pain. Performing triceps stretch daily before and after your workout is highly recommended if you want to make your body flexible.

Make it a routine. There is no harm that will be caused to you and your body if regularly perform a stretching exercise or maybe more than one. Do it for 10 minutes at least and you will definitely witness a positive change in your body.

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