Best exercises to tone your flabby arms!

Arms are one of the most important part of our body which all of us try to keep toned and fit because when the arms look flabby, it affects how your body looks. If you have a thin beautiful body structure and fat arms, it will destroy the whole look. This is a common issue faced by both men and women. This is caused due to arm fats or fatty acids accumulated in arms which causes the arms to appear fat. Arm exercises are not so complex and can be done easily on regular basis.

It’s easy to reduce the fats in the other parts of the body but it’s kind of difficult to reduce the fats that are accumulated in the arms. There are certain exercises, if a person with fatty arms, does on a regular basis, then this defect can be reduced and can be eventually brought down to zero. It doesn’t require any heavy machines to tone your arm and with simple arm exercises, you can make it look strong and fit.

The growing age of the human body is also one major reason for the flabby arms. As a person grows older, the amount of fat accumulation in arms might increase. Continuous arm workout can reduce such consequences and can control arm fats. The decreased metabolism in the body is also one major factor for the fat arm.

There are simple and effective ways to reduce the arm fat. And if you are ready for a proper arm workout, you might need exercise bands, light dumbbells and your own bodyweight.

Triceps dips

Triceps dips will also give you a super toned beautiful arm. This can be done at home with the help of 2ft high chair. This is also known as chair triceps. Performing 3 to 20 sets will help a lot to lose the arm fat instantly. Triceps are the back portion of the arms and it’s important to keep the back portion in shape. This exercise will not only reduce the amount of fat accumulated but will also help in sculpting the arm.

Push up exercises

Push-up is mainly for biceps, triceps and the pelvic muscles. Here the body weight plays a major role which helps you to break down the stubborn fat in the arms. It will bring a major effect on the triceps. You can get into the push up position with hands outside shoulder width. Lower your body until your chest is halfway to the floor and then hold the position.

Plank for 60 seconds

Lateral plank walk will help in melting the fats that are accumulated in several areas of arms. It helps in toning the muscles. Also, it will help in improving the overall body posture and also works on shedding the fat that is accumulated in other parts of your body.

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