How to Flush Excess Potassium?

Potassium is basically a mineral and it also an electrolyte that helps to build your muscle, workout for muscle and also regulate your breathing and heartbeat. Potassium plays an important role in your body, you can get potassium only when you eat healthy diet foods. Potassium is an essential macro minerals. The minimum requirement of potassium is 100 milligrams for the body and you have to include in your body because it is the key processes to support the body. In your mind this question is going how to flush excess potassium. There are so many dos of potassium, firstly it helps in decrease of stroke, protects the muscles mass and they are the key factor in reduction of kidney stone formation.

High potassium (hyperkalemia): Symptoms, causes, and prevention

Important functions of potassium that helps you keep your blood pressure lower, overall it reduces the intake risk of mortality around 30 % percent. The main function that potassium does in our body it includes the fluid balance and it controls the electrical action in the heart and nerve system. In this article we are going to brief what all functions of potassium how they are protect to our body.

Ways to Flush Excess Potassium

  • Potassium helps to Control Balance of Fluid Particles.

Six Steps to Controlling High Potassium | National Kidney Foundation

Entire body is made up of 60% water approx. Remaining 40 % of water you can find the cells of a substance known as intracellular fluid and also you can find water outside the cells area in spinal fluid and that fluid is named as extracellular fluid. Potassium helps in to keep electrolyte balance in the body. You have to balance both electrolyte and potassium to get fluid balance because they play a major role in optimal health. If you maintain less fluid that may cause dehydration that will affects kidney and heart. Make a habit of eating rich-potassium diet that helps you to keep fluid balance.

  • Potassium Helps to Regulate Heart Contractions

What Does Potassium Do for Your Body? A Detailed Review

When nervous system is get charged and they help to regulate the muscle contractions in the body. However, potassium level crosses the limit in the body that will affect the nerve signals and it may lead to weaken muscles. You have to maintain a very low potassium levels that can make an effect of muscle contractions. Altered levels may leads to muscle weakness and also you can feel irregular heartbeat sensation in your heart.

  • Potassium Helps in Reduce your Blood Pressure

Can Potassium and Calcium Help Your Hypertension? | Everyday Health

One third of people are getting affected by blood pressure, this is a dangerous factor that you can get heart disease and this is a cause for a death worldwide. If you can get potassium-rich diet that may controls your lower blood pressure and, in your body, they remove sodium. If the person has high blood pressure, make use of taking high sodium levels food. 

Hope you get a useful information how to flush excess potassium. Thanks for reading our article.

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