The Best Exercises For Different Body Types

If you have been skinny your entire life and you wanted to change how you look, you have to know what it takes to get your muscle to grow. For some people it is humiliating to be half naked on the beach when you have no muscles to show. In terms of food intake, you have an appetite of a horse, and yet you cannot put in some weight. Blame it on your metabolic rate. The best exercise to build muscle is not only limited to people who are overweight. Scrawny individuals would also want to look fit and healthy. What you have to do is enroll in an exercise program that is formulated according to your own body needs. You cannot follow other people’s program for you have different body types and different body composition.

The best exercise to build muscle is strength training. Strength training works by using resistance to muscular contraction. It uses gravity and elastic forces to resist muscle contraction. The common types of this training are resistance training and weight training. Weight training uses dumbbells and weight stacks. The longer you are in you program the heavier your stack would be. Resistance training uses resistance bands, exercise machines or even swimming machines. It depends on what you and your trainer have agreed to use and the availability of the equipment. The intensity, repetition, sets is important in doing an exercise. You cannot exceed on the number of counts for a certain exercise for it may stretch your muscles beyond its limit. Likewise, if you do are below the required sets and repetitions, it will be longer before you can get your muscles to grow. Forms are also important; you have to make sure that you are doing it properly according to the group of muscles the exercise is targeted on.

Further a best exercise to build muscle program must also include time of recovery. You have to bear in mind that you do not grow muscles while performing the exercises. You can develop it while you are at rest. So it is necessary to have enough sleep, rest from the workouts and spend leisure time doing nothing. Taking in a lot of water is also necessary.

In order to attain your goal of building your muscles, you have to couple your best exercise to build muscle plan with an appropriate diet plan. Food rich in carbohydrates is an essential part of building your muscles. The blood sugar, which came from the carbohydrate you have consumed, is needed in the production of insulin which in turn carried dietary protein to your muscles. Foods that are good source of carbohydrates are whole grains, legumes, beans and oats. Food rich in protein should also be taken. Meat, vegetables, dairy products and eggs are good source of protein.

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